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Monogamy is unnatural…

So is air conditioning, clothing, flying in airplanes, democracy, religion, money, art… We as humans, have broken free of our physical design, risen above our animal instincts, and learned to control our more baser desires in order to have the mindspace for higher concepts (Credit goes to Amar for some wording) Advertisements


Something has to be done about misleading, deceptive news headlines. Growing up, headlines were my only source of news. I did not like to read. But I wanted to know, generally, what was happening in the world. I would scroll through headlines and maybe read the first paragraph of an interesting article. Since getting older, […]

Never stand up for what you believe in…

Beliefs and opinions change like taste buds…critical, comprehensive thought should be put into anything one considers their “belief” or even “opinion”. But even then, humans cannot compute every angle, every outcome. Your stance could be hurting someone you’ll wind up siding with later. This blog is a place for my thoughts, not necessarily my opinions. All my […]

Same Sex Marriage (and Everything Else)

My motto: As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, you should be allowed to do it By “allowed to do it”, I mean the law should not prevent you from doing it. That doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. One way for me to argue for Same Sex Marriage is to counter […]


It is interesting how society in the US chooses to focus more on victims based on the method that made them victims rather than the effects of the method. If this is the case, society truly does not care about the victims and only cares about how they were made a victim. A good example is the […]

Do not be bothered

I feel it is a waste to be bothered by someone else’s flaws/mistakes if it does not directly affect you. Recognize the flaw/mistake and understand why it is a flaw/mistake so that you can be sure not to do something similar; and then move on. Taking a moment to understand why you recognized this flaw/mistake […]

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