It is interesting how society in the US chooses to focus more on victims based on the method that made them victims rather than the effects of the method. If this is the case, society truly does not care about the victims and only cares about how they were made a victim. A good example is the recent Boston Bombings…3 Dead, 100+ injured. Countless funds were set up to provide aid to the victims, charity drives continuing to pop up, solidarity events, and endless media coverage. Yet a major pile up on a highway with a similar death/injury toll is just a news article. Just yesterday a fertilizer plant in Texas exploded, leaving at least 15 dead and over 160 injured. It will be interesting to see how people respond to that in the coming days. Are the Boston victims more important than the victims in Texas?

Other points:

  • How much money is actually needed to aid each victim? If you were in a car accident, your car insurance would cover your medical bills; the Fertilizer plant explosion victims will probably be taken care of by the company; but for the bombings, half of the people might not have medical insurance. So I could see a need to help those. Bills could get super high; being out of work etc. So while I understand the need to raise some money, the efforts I’m seeing related to Boston are similar to the efforts related to Hurricane Sandy, or Katrina (where the damage was thousands of times greater; sorry no proof, just a guess )
  • If these people have health insurance, do they not get charity money?
  • I’ve heard of tragedy victims before, taking the charity money, then using their insurance to fix their property (Hurricane Sandy), then pocketing the charity money. The efforts to regulate this must be challenging. Which means there probably aren’t many regulations.
  • I understand why the media focuses more on Boston as opposed to pileups or the Texas explosion. Criminals/terrorists deliberately harmed innocent lives. Whereas the other incidents were accidents, likely from negligence. The problem I have is the varying levels of support from the public to help these victims. A victim is a victim, and the pain is the same in each incident. All are “innocent” going through pain caused not by themselves.

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